11,783 Indians lay dead, while 15,267 triumph over the noxious COVID 19

There is a sense of fear everywhere. Everyone is locked up in their homes fearful of infection by the malignant virus. The news channels are flooded with headlines talking about the rapid spread of the corona virus in India and the increasing number of infected people. 

It is a frightening sight to the death tolls each day. As of the 6th of May, 11,783 Indians have succumbed to the coronavirus. But why only see the death tolls is what everyone is noticing. There have been many patients who have been victorious over the deadly virus. Currently, 15,267 patients have recovered and are on their way to their normal lives. 

We owe this all to the remarkable doctors and nurses on the front lines, policemen, delivery drivers, news reporters, and many others, who have taken this selfless step of coming forward, to help the citizens of the country, at the cost of their own lives.  

In this unprecedented situation, with the corona virus spreading expeditiously, it is the health care workers on whom the citizens can count on. India does not have enough kits to test most of its population for the new virus. But that does not stop India from fighting it. There are thousands of health-care workers fanning out across the country to trace and quarantine people who might have had contact with the ones tested positive for the virus. The doctors are trying to provide the best possible health care to the patients. And owing to their excellent efforts, we now have a count of the people recovering from COVID 19.

Their tireless work and self-sacrifice are showing the best of humanity. Though it is a pity that many people are turning a blind eye to their altruistic efforts and are also ill-treating them. There have been many instances where stones were being thrown at the health care workers and the policemen. There have been reports of violence against the doctors with the reason being stated as ‘the doctors are responsible for spreading the virus’. In Delhi, doctors complained about their forceful eviction by the landlords who were fearful of infection. 

All these altruistic and chivalrous souls are paying a heavy price in this battle. People are failing to realise that it is the hard work and selfless service of such people, that India is capable enough to fight this battle against the COVID 19 pandemic. The citizens of India should thank them all for their magnanimous service to mankind.  

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