Audi, McDonald’s, Volkswagen and other brands redesign logos to promote ‘social distancing’

The world’s largest brands including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Toyota, BMW and Adidas promote social isolation with new coronavirus logo designs.

The death toll in Telangana due to coronavirus has risen to six, with five more deaths confirmed late on Monday evening. While the government registered 227 fresh infection cases nationally — the highest for one day.

Finance Minister and RBI measures the impact of the economic slowdown in this COVID-19.

Gold prices have gone down where silver price has also has come down. On MCX June month, gold price will even fall 0.33% to Rs 43,232 per 10 gram. It is declining, and today is the third day. Silver future price gains 0.3% to Rs 39.925 per kg, and it is getting crashed.

In Delhi’s Nizamuddin area, the headquarters of a religious sect, was on Tuesday sealed, which has developed into one of the biggest coronavirus disease (Covid-19) hot spots in India where 800 people moved out in buses were quarantined in different parts of the city.

Coronavirus lockdown made everyone stay at home, and Bollywood shooting also has been stopped. Like other Bollywood stars the leading actors Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor are using their time effectively.

The celebrity Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas, have contributed money to provide daily wage workers on behalf of their family due to coronavirus breakdown. This couple even has donated many different NGOs like Unicef, PM Modi’s Cares fund.

The famous Dabangg 3 movie actor Salman Khan’s nephew Abdullah Khan passed away on this Monday in Mumbai hospital. He was 38 years old, and he acted in Dabangg 3 and took the social media to mourn. He was not well, and he was having the health-related issue, so he died.

Novartis Chief executive Narasimhan told that Sandoz Generics Company is one of big hope to fight against coronavirus. Here mainly treat patients who are suffering from malaria, arthritis, lupus, etc. This report has come to the Swiss newspaper this Sunday.

In Uttar Pradesh, a major controversy has erupted after the Bareilly district administration allegedly sprayed some kind of chemical on migrants in a bid to “sanitise” them.

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