25 km from Ram Temple in Ayodhya is the Land for Mosque

The Uttar Pradesh government with the Supreme Court has ordered the building of a mosque just 25km away from the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. This mosque land is located in a village named Dhanipur in Ayodhya. It is on the Lucknow highway and is almost 18km away from the district headquarters.

According to the Supreme Court in November, it was mentioned that the landmark ownership was claimed by both Hindus and Muslims. However, it is the complete property of Ram Lalla also known as Lord Ram. Which then lead to the government letting to set up a trust to oversee the building of the temple. Hindu activists believe that the Babri mosque was built on the ancient ruins of a Hindu temple, the place where Lord Ram was given birth to.

According to the Uttar Pradesh minister, his government had sent three options out of which this particular site was selected.

Srikant Sharma said, “This one was accepted by the center and state cabinet has approved its allotment. There is good transportation facility to reach here and communal amity and law and order are also good.”

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to the morning to clear the way for a Ram temple as he announced, ‘Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra’ which is a trust to oversee the building of the temple for Lord Ram. He also mentioned that the 15 – member trust will consist of a Dalit and no politicians.

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