3 Crore Redmi Note 8 units reportedly sold

The Redmi Note 8 premium smartphones have now reportedly notched up a new record for Xiaomi. This is in terms of sales of units of the smartphone.

AT this instant, Xiaomi’s India MD Manu Jain has shared on Twitter that the sales of this smartphone series – the Redmi Note 8 have been 3 crore units globally. This is as per February 2020 data. This represents positive developments as far as Xiaomi India is concerned.

Now, Xiaomi has been in the forefront in multiple spheres of society. The company even donated as much as Rs 15 crores towards fighting the pandemic while also contributing essentials such as masks and protective kits to the warriors.

With the latest 3 crore sales numbers, it should be positive development and good news for Xiaomi loyalists some of whom are now faced with the challenge from rival smartphone brands such as Oppo, Vivo, and Realme in India. These are fairly new brands compared to Xiaomi and have notched up impressive sales of their respective smartphones as well. All these brands, like Xiaomi, are also known for their camera configuration that is generally on the higher end. Hence, there is an all-pronged smartphone war in India now.

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