Indian Railways Donates Rs 20 Crores to PM Relief Fund

The Indian Railways’ IRCTC unit has donated Rs 20 crores to the PM-CARES relief fund towards fighting the pandemic. This is a novel initiative from the Railways.

In an official press release, the Indian Railways stated that the IRCTC committed Rs 20 Crores towards the PM-CARES fund. It is also equipped to offer essentials during the pandemic. It has also been providing food for the needy.

“Over 6 lacs cooked meals have been provided by IRCTC and about 2 lacs meals have been provided by RPF from its own resources. Nearly 1.5 lac meals have been donated by NGOs working with the Railway organizations. The Railway Protection Force has played a major role in the food distribution to needy people prepared by IRCTC, NGOs and from its own kitchens. Starting with distribution of food to 5419 needy persons over 74 locations on 28.03.2020, the number has grown daily. Approximately 6 lacs needy persons have been distributed food by RPF over 313 locations till 08.4.2020. Meal distribution by Indian Railways is in progress today also to close to 1 lac persons,” stated Indian Railways in an official press release.

In related news, smartphone brands have also been donating money as well as essential supplies towards combating the pandemic.  These brands include the likes of Xiaomi India, Oppo India, and Realme.


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