A heartbreaking video of a baby trying to wake up dead mother raises fresh concerns about migrants

The heartbreaking video featuring a baby trying to wake up his dead mother abandoned at Muzaffarpur railway station in Bihar, has raised fresh concerns about the migrant labourers in India.

Millions of people migrated to various cities across India in search of livelihoods and opportunities for decades. But the coronavirus pandemic has left them jobless. With no work and money left in their hands, they have been trying to reach their native for last 50 days. The photos of the migrant workers trudging across hundreds of kilometres have shown the severity of the ruthless lockdown.

The video of a baby and dead mother is a latest heartbreaking scene. Journalist Piyush Rai tweeted the heart-breaking video and wrote, “A kid tries to wake up her dead mother lying abandoned at Muzaffarpur railway station in Bihar. The woman reportedly collapsed and died at the station due to extreme heat and hunger soon after she deboarded a Shramik train which had arrived from Gujarat.”

Piyush Rai added, “The woman, according to her family, had been unwell on the train because of the lack of food and water. She had boarded the train from Gujarat on Saturday. On Monday, shortly before the train rolled into Muzaffarpur, the woman collapsed.”

In the video, a two-year-old baby is seen playing with a shroud covering its dead mother at a station in Bihar. The toddler tugs at the cloth comes off, but his mother doesn’t move. The clip featuring the most tragic visuals is widely circulated on the social media with many cursing the Narendra Modi-led government.

Meena Kandasamy @meenakandasamy

We see this in war zones. The callousness with which people have been pushed to their deaths by this government is horrendous

Shoaib Ansari @ansarishoaib432

This government have been failed very badly to provide basic needs of its citizens. These images are shame for all of us who claim to live in world’s largest democracy.

Yasin @yasinhyd

Very sad…. jungle raj no governance…..governments lost diginity…..n became chowkidar of corrupt businessmen n politicians

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