Rajinikanth’s Periyar comment lands him in a legal mess

The Dravidian outfit has filed the case in Madras High Court, where he is seeking the police direction against the famous actor Rajinikanth. In his earlier statement, he has mentioned that he is a reformer Periyar EV Ramasamy who is also the father of Dravidian.

This famous actor has address about an event in Tamil magazine ‘Thuglak’. He has also addressed his 50th anniversary and said in 1971, Periyar took out a rally where it was an image of Lord Sri Rmachandramoorthy and Sita. It was also had sandal garland, but no news reporter had published it.

This Tuesday has said that whatever he has told all was the real story. He did not an apology for his comment, and he also has got new clipping about the scathing attack on Ramasamy.

This case filed on Tuesday, by Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam in Chennai in Triplicane police station.

The plea also says that this is a misleading, fraudulent speech, which has a sole intention to promote Tamil Nadu people about violence, which is taking the public peace.

In this case, the plea has commented that Rajinikanth makes such comments for self-promotion to gain political advantage. He also said that he is trying to create tension and panic among the public while making the false assertion about Periyar.

Dravidian outfit members had accused Rajinikanth and said that he is telling a lie about Periyar, and they also burn the actor’s effigies and filed the police complaint.

The Dravidian outfit has sent a petition to the police commissioner so that he can register an FIR under sections 153A (in this act people promote enmity in different groups of the different regions) and 505 (in this act to giving fear and alarm to the public).

This outfit has also planned to give a punishment if the actor does not an apology.

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