After AAP wins Delhi elections: Chetan Bhagat asks “Why doesn’t Congress accept Arvind Kejriwal as its leader?

In his analysis of Delhi election results, author Chetan Bhagat says that it is a very comprehensive win for AAP (Aam Admi Party) and some congress leaders across the country should accept Aravind Kejriwal as their leader.

Delhi, which went for polls on February 8, had its results of its 2020 assembly elections and AAP has swept the polls, by winning 63 seats, while the BJP got victory in seven constituencies. It was a big setback for the Indian National Congress, which failed to win even a single seat despite ruling the state for three terms before the AAP. Its star campaigner Rahul Gandhi has failed again.

In the last six years, Congress has lost several elections under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, who was previously the vice president of the party. In a series of tweets, Chetan Bhagat not only took a dig at the Congress but also opined that it is a deserving victory for the AAP and Aravind Kejriwal.

Here is the series of tweets posted by Chetan Bhagat

In elections, face matters. BJP wins national elections in Delhi. BJP wins MCD polls in Delhi. BJP loses assembly elections. Multiple analysis will come, but the single biggest reason for AAP victory is they had a trustworthy, known face: @ArvindKejriwal #DelhiElection2020

I present analysis of elections. I find analysis fascinating and I think it is not taught enough. Analysis is not endorsement. Analyzing why an earthquake came doesn’t mean you endorse an earthquake.

A win is a win and it looks like a very comprehensive win for AAP. However, A 42% vote share by BJP is no joke. They have gained and in most parts of the country this would lead to a lot of seats. #analysisnotendorsement #DelhiElections2020

Why don’t some Congress leaders across the country accept Arvind Kejriwal as their leader? What is so great about what they have now? What will make their career prospects better? To be part of a declining party or a growing one? Worth thinking about. #DelhiElections2020

AAP: 53% vote share, 81% seats BJP: 40% vote share, 19% seats 2-cornered contest, relatively homogeneous constituencies means Delhi shows very interesting vote-share vs seats won trends.

AAP learnt to be liberal, but not so much to fall into the trap of giving constant liberal agniparikshas. Their leader read Hanuman Chalisa. Liberal purists would have said this is wrong. But he won. If he listened to liberal purists he never would.

One can oppose politics of polarisation. It doesn’t however mean one has to hang out with the JNU, Kanhaiya Kumar and the pseudo-liberal types. Many Indians detest those even more. AAP learnt this and stayed away from that set. That’s what they did really well this time.

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