Akshay Kumar Joins Nashik City Police To Launch Centralised Online Health System For Cops

The CoronaVirus has taken its toll in India and the govt is trying it’s best to handle the situation. Bollywood celebs have also come forward and donated to help the migrant workers who are the ones suffering the worst. Since the outbreak of Corona Virus, Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar has done his bit to help out. From donating to PM cares fund, offering PPE kits to the doctors and hospitals and also making sure the migrants are provided with their needs so that they can survive during these hard times. 

Now Akshay Kumar has joined hands with Nashik City Police to launch a centralized online health system to track the health and fitness of its police officers. The platform also provides vital health-related information to every police personnel. Nashik City Police Commissioner Vishwas Nangare Patil said that the police force is dedicatedly working towards making sure its personnel are safe and healthy. Smart bands were handed over to the Nashik City Police personnel, synced and collaborated with the dashboard, through which it receives data of each individual, reported republicworld.com. The platform helps record the body temperature and pulse rate if there are any suspected cases among the force, they can immediately isolate and provide early intervention.

Akshay, on his part, said, “The commitment of our police force is commendable and praiseworthy, and their relentless hard work and bravery is nothing less than heroic. We need to safeguard and protect the frontline workers who are tirelessly working for our safety during these unprecedented times. As this situation continues to persist, I believe technology can help us to fight this pandemic more efficiently. The online health monitoring system will help the Nashik City Police monitor the health and fitness of their police personnel and take precautionary measures to keep them safe.”

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