Alia calls Anushka Sharma the inspiration behind her sunkissed picture

With the lockdown, everyone’s in their homes and have gotten used to being inside thanks to the last few months. Now everyone on social media more than ever and people are finding out creative ways to put up posts online. From tik-tik, DIY home hacks, cooking, painting to binging on movies everyone’s been busy.

Bollywood actors also have been busy taking beautiful pictures at home be it Vicky Kausal with the sunset, Jacquiline with her yoga selfie with the perfect lighting. Now Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt too is making everyone swoon with her sunkissed picture and we’re all hearts for it.

A while ago, Alia took to her social media handle and shared a  picture of herself with sunlight falling on her face and she seems happier than ever before. Laughing her heart out, it looks like Alia Bhatt is channeling her inner summer child and she has revealed that Anushka Sharma is the inspiration behind her picture. And we couldn’t agree more. Anushka Sharma has been sharing the best-sunkissed pictures ever and fans have been going crazy with her posts.

Anushka sure knows the best spots at her home for a perfect snap. A couple of days ago, Anushka Sharma had posted a beautiful picture of herself posing with sunlight falling straight on her face. “By now I know all the sunlight spots of every inch of my home,” read her caption.

Another post shared by her read, “I told you I knew all the sunlight spots” and now we know who’s the one with the best-sunkissed pictures. Tbh we all that spot in our houses that catch the sunlight and gives us the best selfie don’t we? Do you have a perfect spot for your selfie at home too? Let us know in the comments below. 

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