Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, Grofers, Other E-Retailers halt operations as India undergo 21-day lockdown

PM Narendra Modi has declared a 21-day country-wide lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus outbreak.

With stores closed and roads locked in many parts of the nation, and most of the people now turned to e- companies including Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart and Grofers to get critical supplies such as vegetables and other foodstuffs delivered home as online services couldn’t deliver, either.

Platforms such as Amazon, Grofers, and Big Basket have all displayed items as out of stock. Likewise, applications such as Prime Now and SPAR also expose unavailability of distribution slots across various regions across the world.

Customers who have already put an order for non-essential goods will now be told about the delayed delivery.

An Amazon customer service associate said they face a lot of problems with regular deliveries, and are trying to fix this as a matter of urgency.

Walmart-backed Flipkart temporarily halted all of India’s operations and services including the grocery products on Wednesday. The homepage of the megastore website shows a message that informs users of its decision, and all of its household items are officially marked ‘ out of stock. ‘

Sources at Amazon, Flipkart, and numerous other online platforms have said state police forces are preventing their distribution partners from placing orders at different locations. Officials often temporarily shut warehouses of e-commerce businesses in certain regions.

Consumers ‘ anger is evident as they are unable to buy vital goods from offline retailers due to local shop closure in many areas.

The Government has informed people that during the lockdown basics such as vegetables, fruits and medicines will remain available. We’ll just have to take their word for it, and not worry any more on the system.

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