Amitabh Bachchan comes forward to help migrant workers & arranges buses to take them home

It has been a while since COVID 19 crisis has hit the world and in India and since then everyone has been inside their homes. Now while all of us have been working from homes and spending time with our families, there are some who are not that lucky. The worst-hit during this pandemic is the migrant workers. Due to the lockdown, many of them have no work and hence, after an ease in lockdown restriction was announced, many are heading back home. Many Bollywood celebrities have come forward to help out by donating money to the PM Cares fund for them or providing basic necessities like food daily so that they do not starve. 

Now megastar Amitabh Bachchan has come forward to help them reach their homes. As per reports, the senior star has come forward to help migrant workers from different parts of UP to reach home. Amitabh Bachchan arranged for 10 buses to send migrant workers from Mumbai back to different parts of Uttar Pradesh. BigB has stepped up to help those in need amid COVID 19 crisis. He also has been reportedly distributing 4500 cooked food packets every day at various locations in Mumbai city in collaboration with Haji Ali Trust and Pir Makhdum Saheb Trust.

The Pune Mirror report further stated that Mr. Bachchan has been doing it since March 28. Big B also distributed 10,000 ration packets to date and has provided masks, PPE kits, sanitizers, and more to hospitals and police in Mumbai. Amid the COVID 19 crisis, Maharashtra has been hit the worse. With the rising number of cases, the concern for people’s health has been raised. It is safe to say that even though things are so bad in India, we still have some people who are doing their best to help the ones who need support right now to survive these hard times.

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