Amitabh Bachchan feels coronavirus lockdown taught him things he was ‘unable to learn, understand and know’ in 78 years

Since the govt announced that the country is going under a lockdown, the pandemic has taught us all a lot. From trying to take a break from our daily routines to doing our bit for the ones who need our help the most, all of us have come a long way since the lockdown. 

Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan feels that the coronavirus lockdown has been a better teacher than all the years of his existence. The veteran actor, in a new Instagram post, said that the lockdown amid the global coronavirus pandemic taught him things that he was “unable to learn, understand and know” all this while. Sharing a collage of two pictures, one from his younger days and a recent one, he wrote, “What I was able to learn, understand and know during the period of this Lockdown, I was unable to learn, understand and know, during my entire 78 years .. and to be able to express this truth, is the result of this learning, understanding and knowing !!” In his blog, Amitabh elaborated on the topic and said, “Know thy self .. I did .. ne’er in this the 78 years of living .. than the time frame of this lockdown.” He further added, “What was in question and inappropriately given response to .. what was unknown in measure and meaning came to the dictionary .. in more searches .. what was the hope of knowledge, came through without the examinations of textbooks and tutorial efforts. what should have been explained and given information of, came to be the personal findings through an off stepped, off designed infringement of natures build .. this is a revelation .. a fact of deed and finding .. the fingers pointed in a direction which never existed .. and knowing its presence now, is the crowning glory of the Kings.”

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