Amitabh started shooting of KBC

The Big B Amitabh Bachchan has started shooting for the Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), after this COVID-19 lockdown. In his latest post, he has been a judge for breaking the social media distance rule. He has mentioned that the shoot was done with the essential precautionary measures.

He has also mentioned in his blog that he started to work, and he also has taken sufficient precaution. The shooting was scheduled for two days, but it got completed in one day. It was started at 6 pm, and at some time it will also end.

Views are also thinking that about how the show has been shot in the restriction by maintaining social distance. After seeing the fan’s comments, Big B has mentions that many are asking about KBC, and he had shoot 10 to 12 videos, and it was an hour of audio recording. They have conducted full of speculation. It has no specific answer for it, but the authority hopes that everything will go well and goes for the long.

This 77-year superstar is suffering from Hamstring pain. After finishing the shooting, he has just come back in the home, and he is entirely hamstring. He has also shared a video in social media, and he has also acknowledged that this is ‘angels’ video. He has also recommended that for work they exist. Bigg B also told that very soon everyone will get the invitation and he has also twitted that. He also tweeted that he was concerned about the after-effects of the COVID-19, so he was little hesitated but everything was planned.

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