Ananya Panday to interact with ‘The Vamps’ guitarist James McVey on social media bullying

Social media is the most popular thing in our generation. Everyone’s on it 24×7 and many are earning through it too as an influencer. Now social media is all good but sometimes it can also get too extreme and can create a really negative impact on someone’s life. Since social media has become popular a lot of kids have fallen prey to online bullying. 

Now Bollywood actress Ananya Panday had created a Digital Social Responsibility initiative ‘So Positive’ which is built to create maximum awareness on Social Media Bullying and it is all set to host a live interactive session between the actor and international vocalist and guitarist from ‘The Vamps’ James McVey. The youth icons will be coming together on May 8, 2020, at 7 pm. During the session, both will be raising awareness about social media bullying. Talking about the same, Ananya said in a statement, “Social media bullying is an evil that people face every day on the numerous platforms that they use in their daily lives. I’m glad that James McVey and I will be fighting this evil together in our small way. The world is going through a difficult time, currently and it is even more important than ever to be kind to everyone around and spread positivity. So Positive has been creating awareness through different ways and our aim continues to be to negate the spread of social media bullying by spreading positivity all across. I’m looking forward to this insightful exchange with James.”

 It is nice to see a celeb talk about online bullying and taking up the initiative to do something about it as many people follow their favorite celebs and listen to what they have to say. We hope Ananya’s initiative helps the kids who are being bullied and people learn from it.

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