Anil Kapoor says he has been spending a lot of ‘me time’ during the lockdown

Me-time has always been a big factor for one’s self-improvement in life. In this new era where everyone is so busy with work, there is hardly any time left for ourselves and to take some time out and do what we love. Well, the lockdown sure has changed that. Since the past month, everyone in India has been under lockdown and this has given everyone enough me-time. From painting, cooking, dancing, writing poems to learning a new instrument, people started spending time on things that they like and have figured out ways to keep themselves busy. 

And this includes Bollywood celebs as well! From Katrina, Ayushmann, Alia to name a few, everyone’s been doing something they love to spend the lockdown. Now recently in a live session with Anupam Kher, Anil shared how he is keeping himself occupied at home. “I have been reading and watching a lot. I am also reading a few scripts. Exercising is keeping me busy too. I always believe in intake and out take. Exercise as much as you have eaten. Also, I am spending a lot of time with myself,” Anil said. Anil also emphasized on maintaining positivity during such hard times. “I have gone through all kinds of emotions in the past two months…there were days when I felt low and sad…but being positive is very much important and I am trying to be positive,” he added. Anil and Anupam have been friends for a long time during their Bollywood career. When Anupam Kher had come back from States, Anil Kapoor had come to say hi to him. Since the lockdown prevented people to be near each other, Anil had come for a jog and hence talked to Anupam as he stood in his balcony! Anupam had later revealed this in a video that everyone one of them had come back from somewhere, they would meet each other the day without fail.  Well, aren’t these two definitions of friendship goals!

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