Ankita Lokhande’s post days after she spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput:‘I cannot be bought, and I cannot be sold

Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex girlfriend Ankita Lokhande, recently look to social media to express her views. Since the unfortunate death of Sushant, Ankita has been sharing cryptic messages on social media. From  posting msgs like “Truth Wins”, “From #pavitrarishta to #dilbechara One last time’ on Dil Bechara release to lighting a diya on his one month death anniversary, Ankita has kept it lowkey yet expressed her emotions. Now she has posted an inspiring post on Instagram that talks of an indomitable spirit. The quote reads: “They wanted me to be a million things in this Earthly lifetime and to each I bowed and said “Not for me. I am on the Priestess path, Goddess born, and I cannot be swayed. I follow the journey of my heart and the singing of my soul, I cannot be bought, and cannot be sold.”

Besides this, in the past couple of days, Ankita has spoken to quite a few media outlets about Sushant she knew. In an interview to Republic TV, she said that Sushant would get affected by what people wrote of him. “The Sushant I knew and remember, when he was with me, he used to chat with his fans on Twitter for one hour every day. I used to ask him, ‘Why do you do that? How does he matter?’ He only had one reply. He would say ‘It makes a difference because I only have my fans who can help me climb the ladder of success. I don’t have anyone else (to seek help from). If anyone makes my films successful, it would be my fans. So it does matter what they think of me because I am an outsider and if I falter at any step, I have no one to lend a helping hand. So I want to know what people think of me.’ That’s fair enough.”

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