Anurag Thakur’S response about ‘Goli Maaro’ video

The union Minister Anurag Thakur argues with the crowd where he says to Delhi ‘goli maaro’. This has caught by the election commission.

From Rithala, The BJP minister said on 8th February in Delhi election ‘desh ke gaddaron ko’’ which gives a different meaning like ‘shoot down the traitors who betray the country’. Mr Thakur did not want to say this, but he got many clap for this.

Some BJP leaders were also present at that time and also Mr. Manish Chaudhary. He also chanted this slogan. After that, Amit Shah arrived in the rally. Mr. Thakur said to the reports that who need to get shoot and who is traitors? First you people need to watch the video then you see the reaction of Delhi people.

The finance minister Mr. Thakur involved in the Union Budget where they have announced in Saturday about growth. It is very disappointing to see that AnuragThakur is making such a poisonous slogan during the election.

When he did shooting the ‘traitors’ that time, junior finance minister will be busy to make economic slump through the budget. Priyanka Chaturvedi posts this. Delhi Election officer also asked the report and told that necessary action needs to be taken.

This slogan only made to protest citizenship, which and this is supported by BJP leaders. BJP leader Kapil Mishra also supported to this slogan during a march in controversial law. Mr. Mishra also banned the campaign where Delhi police said that it is creating an enemy between the classes. He had also compared election with ‘India vs Pakistan’.

This “Goli Maaro” slogan was heard in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) during the attack on the students and in that 34 people were injured. This election result will be declared by 11th February.

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