Anushka Sharma shares important message on World Nature Conservation Day

Taking care of our mother nature and respecting it has been a big topic since the last few years on social media and now alot of celebrities too are talking about it, making it the hot topic of the season. Now Bollywood actress Anuskha Sharma is known for always taking a stand for nature and she has done so in several occasions. She has been raising awareness about co-existing with the flora and fauna of the earth as well as with the animals. 

On the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day, once again, Anushka expressed her thoughts about co-existing with the environment and not to mess with nature on earth. She even uploaded several pictures of her in nature to prove her love for Mother Nature. She urged everyone to co-exist and live in harmony with nature and all his elements. She even expressed that nature will respect humans, if they respect it. She urged all to take small steps to conserve nature and to let the earth be beautiful and not to mess with it. In one of her photos, Anushka is seen taking a walk in a forest while in another, she could be seen laughing her heart out in the lap of nature. 

Anushka shared the photos and wrote, “A healthy environment is the foundation for a stable and productive society. Our lives, what we breathe, where we live, what we eat and our species’ and other species existence is directly related to Mother Nature. As human beings, the steps towards conservation is being respectful, providing protection and co-existing in harmony with Nature. We all must participate to protect, conserve and sustainably manage our natural resources. Mother Nature will respect us if we respect her.Often, small steps taken collectively lead to impactful changes.Let’s always remember that Earth is beautiful and we should let it be that way  #WorldNatureConservationDay.”

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