Anushka Sharma urges people not to abandon their pets amid COVID-19 pandemic with a true example

Since the Coronavirus spread, all the countries around the world have issued lockdown to make sure people are safe. India too has been following lockdown for more than a month. People have been staying inside their homes to be safe and it looks like this will continue for some more time considering the number of increases in cases daily.

Now, this is not the only issue that we are facing. Due to the coronavirus, many people have been abandoning their pets as there was a rumour that the virus can be contracted from the pets.WHO had put up the wrong information that pets can get the virus too and this created a major issue. Later they apologised for it. Several pet owners in Mumbai were seen leaving their pets on roads. Many Bollywood stars, from Sonakshi, John Abraham, Farhan Akhtar, Kriti Sanon to name a few came forward and urged everyone to stop abandoning their pets as it was completely inhuman to do so. Recently Anushka too shared a post about it. On Instagram Stories, the Bollywood actress shared a forwarded message that has a picture that shows a couple of men walking down the road under the scorching, with one of them carrying a puppy and a duck. She captioned it as, “These migrant workers are walking on the Mumbai Nasik Highway along with their belongings. So next time when you think to give up your pet who you ‘loved like your own child’ just remember this picture,”.

We totally agree with Anushka on this point. Pets are the best thing that one has during these hard times as they are the only ones will stay with you and give all the love and companionship you need during this lockdown. They are a man’s bestfriend and one should never abandon them.

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