Apple, Google ban the use of location tracking in contact tracing apps to combat Covid-19

Google and Apple both companies have said that privacy and preventing governments to compile citizens from using the system data was a prime objective.

On Monday Google said that Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc. were prohibiting location tracking in their contact tracing apps as it uses a new contact tracing program that is developing to stop the coronavirus spread.

Apple and Google’s operating systems account for 99% of Smartphones and said to develop a notification system for people last month they would work together who were close to someone tested the Covid-19 positive sometimes disease was caused by a coronavirus.

Both Companies of Google and Apple have said that privacy and preventing governments to compile citizens’ from using the system data was a prime objective. To track incidents system uses mobile Bluetooth signals and does not use or store location data from GPS.

But coronavirus-related app developers in several U.S. states last month told Reuters that it was important for them to be allowed to use GPS location data in tandem with the new contact tracking system to track how outbreaks spread and locate hotspots.

On Monday, Apple and Google said they would not allow GPS data to be used alongside the touch tracing systems. The decision by Apple-Google not to allow GPS data collection for its contact tracing program would require public health authorities to relying on what Apple and Google have described as unreliable, battery-draining workarounds, you want to access GPS position.

Yet some apps have said they want to stick to their own strategies.

On Monday Software company Twenty, which created the state of Utah’s Safe Together has said contact tracing software for both GPS and Bluetooth without the new Apple-Google platform, the device “operates effectively.”

“If their approach can be more effective than our current solution, we’ll eagerly incorporate their features into our existing application, provided it meets the specifications of current and prospective public health partners,” Twenty said

Province of Alberta in Canada does not collect GPS data; it says it has no plans to follow Apple-Google’s ABTraceTogether software program.

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