Around 500 students head back home to Jammu and Kashmir with the commencement of lockdown 3.0

Numerous students from Jammu and Kashmir have been scattered all around the country to complete their studies from various top universities. This sudden outburst of the novel coronavirus caused these students to stay in their hostels in the view of the nationwide lockdown that had been imposed by the government to curb the spread of this malignant virus. Now, more than 6 weeks after the corona virus triggered nationwide lockdown, these students finally get a chance to get back to their families in Jammu and Kashmir. Around 500 students of Jammu and Kashmir were evacuated from Haryana on Wednesday, the 13th of May. The students were transported from 6 districts namely Gurugram, Faridabad, Ambala, Hisar, Nuh and Yamunanagar. The students were ferried in 23 buses that had been sent by the Jammu and Kashmir administration. 

“Our priority was to ensure that students can get home to their families. We will continue to make similar arrangements for other migrants. Earlier, between May 7 and May 9, at least 25 buses left Chandigarh for Jammu and Kashmir, carrying about 200 students and 700 workers back home.”, said Dr Inderjot Singh, manager at Jammu & Kashmir House in Chandigarh and a liaison officer for Jammu and Kashmir migrants in Haryana.

As per the official data, a total of 499 students left for Jammu and Kashmir from Haryana, out of which 333 were from Gurugram. A total of 15 buses left Gurugram around 7 in the evening on Wednesday. Similarly, three buses carried 70 students from Ambala, two buses from Faridabad ferried 37 students, while one bus each was sent to Hisar, Nuh and Yamunanagar by the Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation to evacuate 59 students scattered across these districts. The buses arrived in Haryana early on Wednesday, the 13th of May.

“The students were screened for symptoms at camps and government hospitals in their areas starting Tuesday. They will all be screened a second time at Lakhanpur, on the Punjab-J&K border.”, said Arshad Yousuf, executive director of the Jammu and Kashmir chapter of the International Human Rights Organisation which has been closely working with district authorities to ensure their safe passage back home.

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