Ashok Gehlot says GOI should welcome Priyanka Gandhi’s initiative to facilitate migrants movement

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that the Government of India (GOI) should welcome Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s initiative to facilitate migrants’ movement.

The lockdown caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has left many migrant labourers across the country in big trouble. With no work, money and food left for survival, some of them are walking hundreds of miles to reach their native places. Though state and central governments have taken several initiatives to facilitate their movement, the scenes of them walking all along the ways have become common.

Talking about the issue, Ashok Gehlot spoke about the hardship in supporting them. The Rajasthan CM tweeted. “Once again I would like to state that the Condition of migrant workers is becoming unbearable and with each passing day they are becoming more and more restless. Rajasthan has already started running Shramik Special Buses ensuring no migrant will be seen walking on the road.”

Ashok Gehlot opined that the GOI should follow the similar model of running Shramik Special Buses to help the migrants across the country. The Rajasthan Chief Minister wrote, “I request GOI to coordinate similar kind of bus services between states across the Country where train load is not available.”

Ashok Gehlot said that the governments should keep politics aside and welcome good initiative. He tweeted, “Moved by the hardships of migrants worker- bus services were offered in UP by Smt Priyanka Gandhi (GS- AICC), which could be used to facilitate migrants movement in the state. In the hour of crises, we all should welcome such initiative keeping politics aside.”

The CM of Rajasthan also mentioned how the buses hired by the Congress are stopped in the Uttar Pradesh boarders. Ashok Gehlot concluded, “This buses could have helped state govt in avoiding Ghazipur (Delhi-UP borders) like situation in UP. As suggested by Smt Priyanka ji buses hired by Congress are still waiting at Bharatpur – UP borders in large number.”

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