Ashwathama movie review and rating: This is what audience say about Naga Shaurya and Mehreen film

The audience are impressed with Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Pirzada’s performance in the Telugu movie Ashwathama (Aswathama). But they partially disappointed with director Ramana Teja.

Written by Ramana Teja, Ashwathama is a romantic action entertainer, which is about Gana (Naga Shaurya), who is in love with Neha (Mehreen Pirzada). His sister runs into a strange problem just before her wedding. He chases the mystery, comes across more such incidents and finds a clue for them. How he solves this mystery is the rest of story.

Analysis: Ashwathama has an interesting story, which starts pretty slow, but picks up momentum after 40 mins. But the songs play the spoilsport in the first half. The second half falls flat due to connecting dots. Naga Shaurya has delivered an electrifying performance. Mehreen Pirzada and others have done good jobs. The music, picturisation, action choreography and dialogues are the atttactions on the technical front, say the audience.

Aswathama movie review: Scroll down to see audience’s verdict on the film shared on Twitter

Sai charan @saichar40432601

Just saw the movie #ashwathama .#USpremier The first frame itself open with our beloved pawan Kalyan garu most intense dialogue which explains the title of the movie. Thankyou ❤️@IamNagashaurya proved he is no more a lover boy 🔥. #ashwathama Very good story and must watch film

#AKSHITH👈 @akshith654

#aswathamatrailer #Ashwathama what a flim.Must watch at this time for the society kudos to the content,acting slight lags but it’s ok will keep u all intriguing watch it ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @IamNagashaurya acting 👍 👌 @Mehreenpirzada✅🙌 going with 3/5

Mirchi9 @Mirchi9

First Half Report; After an ordinary beginning, #Aswathama picks up the pace once the core story begins. The suspense factor coupled with action keeps the momentum going until the interval.

Venkyreviews @venkyreviews

#Aswathama Overall below average to average watch! Just like Disco Raja the concept was good but the screenplay was not up to the mark! Naga Shourya did well and the action scenes stand out 👍 Rating: 2.5-2.75/5

Patrick Mahomes all the way @agnanodayam

Superb first half 👌👌. Stunts evaro kaani kummesaadu! @IamNagashaurya is excellent #Aswathama #Ashwathama #Aswathama is a very good thriller , if you like that genre go watch it. It’s gruesome though. Director followed the path taken by American thrillers and shock your wits with extreme violence. Beginning of the second half is a little dry but over all I loved it 3.75/5 #Ashwathama May be because of the length director left a lot of dots to be connected by the viewer. Could have been even better if the narration was smooth. BGM is chilling #Aswathama

Harsha Vardhan (BHV) @harsha_bhv

Thanks for such a good film. Even I have a sister, and I’m in US and I haven’t seen her in a while. So I kind of connected myself to the film on a different level. Also, as a film, it’s a very good thriller. It was Housefull in NJ, today. Good luck 🙂 #Aswathama @IamNagashaurya

FDFS Review @ReviewFdfs

#Aswathama…! An unique interesting concept that really lacks interest towards the end..! #NagaShourya’s performance and story are good but few logics went on toss..! Konni vishayalu over ga pattinchukunnaru konni assalu pattinchukoledu…! 2.5/5..!!

RC @Perthist_

Interesting first half 👍… Picks up after first 30 mins and goes without any deviation #Aswathama Avg second half … Overall ga good one time watch #Aswathama

Vinay Gudapati @gudapativinay

Pretty avg 1st half #Aswathama

nanis @nanis_tweetz2

Good 1st half.. 1st 15 mins slow anthe rest anthaa 👌🏻 #Aswathama

Anuroop @Anuroop5600

#aswathama 1st half is completed what a suspense rider @IamNagashaurya 👌 👌 👌 @ira_creations

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