Audi, McDonald’s, Volkswagen and other brands redesign logos to promote ‘social distancing’

The world’s largest brands including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Toyota, BMW and Adidas promote social isolation with new coronavirus logo designs.

In the midst of rising cases of novel coronavirus and lockout countries, social distancing has become one of the most used words in daily life.

Social distancing means standing 6 feet apart from each other to avoid further transmission of the virus and to reduce the chance of disease contracting.

In the time of the public health crisis, Top brands play their part in promoting social isolation and motivating people to stay home by developing new “virtual isolation” logos.

McDonald’s Brazil posted a photo on Facebook of pulled apart golden arches stressing that the company and its consumers “will still be together through temporary separation.”

Via its ad, Coca-Cola promoted “social distancing” with letters separated from its logo. “Staying apart is the only way to remain together,” the ad states, referring to the quarantine placed in a lot of countries.

Audi and Volkswagen is among those brands that allowed people to stay home and stay away. Although Audi in a video split its four rings and shared them on their social media account, Volkswagen pulled apart the V and W in their logo.

The sportswear giant Nike unveiled a massive social media campaign with world-renowned star athletes including NBA player Lebron James and golfer Tiger Woods and calls for people to “play inside, play for the world.”

Ad executive Douglas Sellers has commended companies for the creativity and ingenuity they have displayed in the social responsibility field.

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