COVID 19 Outbreak updates: Nearly 80% of 3,390 cases of coronavirus in 4 States over last 24 hours, 70% of 103 deaths in 2 states

Swathi Yerravalli

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Of its totally new cases recorded by Covid-19, 78% were from four states-Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.

Jio Platforms has once again generated Rs 60,596.37 crore in much less than three weeks from top technology investors, Reliance Industries said.

NGT ordered LG Polymers India Pvt to send an interim amount of Rs 50 Crore for life loss.

Tests will come with false positives & negatives or confusingly ambiguous outcomes. Doctors are not always in a position to provide conclusive explanations. The background of one New York family had run the gamut.

It is estimated that at least 90,000 health care staff worldwide were diagnosed with Covid-19, and probably twice that, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) said in the light of the evidence of ongoing shortages of protective equipment.

The Trump administration has urged Obama-era provision has not to block as it requires some groups of H-1B visa-holders spouses to work in the US to the federal district court.

Security forces’ overnight operation began on Tuesday evening when a major search mission was initiated in the village of Naikoo.

As the discussion about the possible privacy concerns surrounding the Aarogya Setu app continues, designers shared a clarification on some of the problems that an ethical hacker poses. French hacker Robert Baptiste, who tweets under the alias Elliot Alderson, posted on Twitter that he had noticed a big security problem on the Aarogya Setu application.

Google Doodle’s 2019 throwback game today is super cool as it allows you to play a popular Mexican card game, Loteria.

Google and Apple both companies have said that privacy and preventing governments to compile citizens from using the system data was a prime objective.

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