Ayushmann on choosing films :Have always tried to choose films having no reference points

Bollywood star Ayushmann Khuranna is known for his eccentric movie choices. From Vicky Donor, Andhadhun, Article15, Dreamgirl to Bala, Ayushmann has made his own place in the Bollywood industry amidst the Khans and Kapoors. Now since the pandemic Ayushmann Khurrana has been back home in Ludhiana, enjoying his time reading poetry or cycling to keep himself fit. This was shooting for back-to-back films and looks like now all the current projects are still waiting for a go thanks to the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the shooting for the films have been stalled and the announcements for the same haven’t been made yet. 

Now during an interview, when asked about his movie choices, Ayushmann revealed that while choosing a film, he takes up roles which have no reference points and it’s a deliberate move. He stated, “I have always tried to choose films that have no reference points and I have done this deliberately. I have gravitated towards handpicking social dramas in my quest to give the audiences films that can hopefully impact change in mindset, communities and of course attitude.” Ayushmann also said, “These so-called taboo topics were hardly touched upon by our industry because we generally, consciously, like to shy away from speaking publicly about these issues.” He also revealed that diverse subjects are needed and both country and Bollywood should be vocal about it. Ayushmann shared, “We aren’t very vocal about some important and real issues that we should actually be talking about and discussing more often. I have always felt that bringing such topics out in the open will help us grow as a country.”

Well, its always nice to see an actor take a different approach and actually choose films that are out of the ordinary and make something out of it. Bollywood has been filled with romatic, action and comedy films and Ayushmann’s movies bring a freshness to the movie industry.

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