Bachchans celebrates the graduation day at Jalsa of Navy Nanda

On this Wednesday, Navya, the granddaughter of Amitabh, has graduated from the College of New York. This Big B has announced in his social media account as a congratulation message. Since they could not be able to celebrate properly due to lockdown, they have celebrated in his Jalsa home, and the Big B also has mentioned how they have celebrated.

He has also mentioned that the graduation day is very special for his granddaughter Navya’s life, but the ceremony got canceled due to lockdown.

She could not be able to go anywhere, and they have made all the plans so that she can feel happiness. But she wanted to wear Graduation gown and cap, so Bigg B staff has made the special type of impromptu gown and cap. She has worn that on the celebration day at Jalsa. He has also mentioned that he is very happy and proud of her, and she always maintains her positive and cheerful attitude with her.

Along with this, he has also posted the video where Navya has wore home-made gown and cap.

Before the celebration day, Navya’s mother, Shweta Bachchan also wished her in social media.

In this year whoever has passed out no one able to enjoy properly due to lockdown, so we have decide to stitched a grown for you and make her wear to make her feel special. She has also congratulated her and told that she is prude of her.

Abhishek also posted a picture, and he has also mentioned how he helped him to settle down in her graduation life. He has also congratulated him.

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