Betaal review and rating: Here is what Sumit Kadel and other critics say about SRK’s latest web series

Betaal review and rating: Here is what Sumit Kadel and other critics say about SRK’s latest web series

Shah Rukh Khan aka SRK-produced latest web series Betaal, which was released as an Eid treat, has impressed the critics and audience and received positive review and rating from almost everyone.

Betaal is an fictional horror web television series, which has been written and directed by Patrick Graham and co-directed by Nikhil Mahajan and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment. Vineet Kumar Singh, Aahana Kumra and Suchitra Pillai have played the lead roles in this Netflix-web series.

Betaal story: The web-series is based in a remote village that serves as the battleground between British Indian Army officer Betaal, his battalion of zombie redcoats, and the Indian police. Hired to displace tribal villagers, highway officials unearth an old curse and an army of British soldier-zombies.

Analysis: Betaal is an interesting Zombie movie with some historical events. The film has an amazing scripting work and it is unique with intriguing content. Vineet Kumar Singh and others have given top-notch performances. The web series has brilliant production values and background score, VFX works, picturisation and makeup are the attractions on the technical front, say the critics and audience.

Here are some critics and audience’s review and ratings for Betaal:

Sumit Kadel: #Betaal – Rating- 4/5 Finest zombie thriller made in the country. From the ist episode itself it keeps you thrilled with its extremely unique & intriguing content. British Zombie army ends up attacking entire country leaving room for sequel. Performances & VFX are FANTASTIC. There are few controversial scenes regarding the Indian forces & naxals in the first episode but the makers gave valid cover to the scenario in the final episodes. @ItsViineetKumar act is top notch. Direction is impressive, script is powerful & very unique. Strongly recommended. Finally India has made a proper horror thriller where they have got everything right. Script-Screenplay- Thrills-Performances- BG Score- VFX-Locations-Direction. Every department excels. International standard flick #Betaal is. PS- First episode can offend nationalists.

Sahil Gupta: When the Series started for the first 10-15secs I was completely taken aback with all the visuals and all. To be honest I expected much more from this, being directed by the same director of ‘GHOUL’. But in Reality this is just an average Zombie Movie Supported with some Historical Events. The Special Effects were Really good. And Kudos to the Makeup artists except they could have done something better with their eyes. The Acting Department was great too Except I didn’t like the Child’s Acting(Personal Opinion). There are some really good Jump Scare scenes if you are expecting some. The climax was kind of predicted and nothing extraordinary. So all in all if you are into all those Zombie genre like me you can give it a try.

Ayush Kumar: Wow..! 😮 Great start with THE BEST Zombie horror on screen from Bollywood it really deserves appreciation.👏 First Indian horror web series that has horror story, & emotional scenes. A very good and successful attempt.😍 Epic story relates successfully.😇 Also background sound ,Editing and graphics work are fantastic it gives horror genre feel throughout.😘 Scenes are damn good looks scary. 🤯 Some scene looks little funny is that there bulgy eyes are look like LED lights 😅 and the girl is too emotional.😕 Overall it’s very good content with interesting storyline MUST WATCH👀

Aditya Gupta: So, I have binged watch the whole show. And from the very first episode it shows you that it has the capability to engage from the whole mythological zombies story and from episode to episode it explores you the story behind all this and how the crowd escapes and how they deal with that situations. So, it’s good that they made 4 episodes only because if they do more than that it would look a little stretched, although it drags sometimes but don’t effect that much overall . It’s exciting to see that Indian series have come and explored to this genere and it will build platforms for future. Every element was placed very well direction, story telling, horror scenes, emotions and acting was also good. So, I think betaal is made in a way that will keep you engaged and intrigued, its worth watching and should be given a try.

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