Bhumi Pednekar opens up on shoots resuming and putting money back in the economy

Since the Covid19 pandemic, the Bollywood industry had come to a standstill as all the movie shootings were on a halt and many releases were postponed too. This caused a major loss for the movies that were currently undergoing shoots and also created an issue for the workers. Now Maharashtra Government finally gave a green signal to producers and broadcasters to begin shooting their stalled projects and shows. The government sent out 16-page guidelines to the respective bodies to be followed while they resume shoots.

Now Bhumi Pednekar opened up about her view about resuming shoot given the spike in the number of cases in the last few days itself. Bhumi said, “I truly believe that we have experts who are guiding us through this pandemic. Look at our population and the way we have still managed to handle this pandemic is something I am proud of. Yes, there have been casualties and we cannot deny that and my heart goes out for everyone who is suffering, who are vulnerable to it, the migrant crisis. But I feel if we don’t resume work, what is the way forward?” She also added, “It is scary, I won’t lie. I also had apprehensions on how will I shoot, because it is such an intimate environment on a film set but you have got to do, what you have to. We will figure it out, we will do it collectively. If we just abide by the protocols that the Government has listed, I think it truly will make life easier than we think. We have to put money back in the economy, right? There are so many people whose livelihood is dependent on that one day of work I do,” 

What do you think about Bhumi’s statement? Was it a safe decision for the Govt to open up shootings? Let us know in the comments below.

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