Bhumi Pednekar’s take on the natural calamities; says it’s a warning for the humanity to understand

2020 has been a huge fiasco so far with the Covid19 affecting almost more than half the world. India has also suffered a huge loss and there are more cases each day across the country. Now just when we thought things were bad, Cyclone Amphan hit West Bengal and Orrisa. Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar discussed the same during an interview. “I have been seeing videos from Kolkata and Odisha for the last two days and it is heartbreaking. It honestly is very scary! It went on for so many hours! I have seen blog posts with videos of the cyclone and it is so very unnerving. Houses have been damaged, huge trees have been uprooted, it is a major loss to humankind and to animals. I think it’s high time that humanity understands what we have put our planet through. If you see in the last five years, the frequency of cyclones, the strength of cyclonic winds and typhoons are only going to keep increasing. Our cities are drying up, the earth is heating up at a crazy speed,” the actress added.

Bhumi is also a “Climate Warrior” as also mentioned on her Instagram profile. The actress is actively working to spread the word about the importance of preserving nature and about the imminent dangers of climate change. “Today, already the world is going through a major refugee crisis. In the next few years, we are going to have refugees because of climatic change. Millions and millions of people will be displaced irrespective of how rich or poor they are. It doesn’t matter, in front of nature’s wrath we all are one. I really hope humanity wakes up. The planet is our home and we have to learn to coexist with every single species that exists on earth. Why do human beings feel their invincible? We share our planet with millions of other species but we feel haq sirf hamara hai (only we have a right on the planet) and that is ridiculous!” Bhumi expressed.

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