Bigg Boss 13 is a scripted reality show, fixed caller to fix Shukla image and malign Asim and Sana

Sidharth Shukla is one of the most aggressive and controversial ones. He has got in to physical fight with Asim and others on several occasion. The viewers have been crying foul against him since its beginning. But neither Bigg Boss nor host Salman Khan heeded their voice and punished him. They believe that they are all biased towards Sidharth.

The viewers witnessed another such incident on this Saturday’s episode, where Salman pulling up Asim Riaz as well as Shehnaaz Gill for fights inside the house. They are trending #ScriptedBiggBoss13 on social media. However, some celebs and critics have joined them this time.

Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Meera Chopra tweeted, “I stopped watching #bigboss bcoz of biasedness of the makers to make #SiddhartShukla the hero, when hes clearly the villain. Whats the point of watching when we know its fixed! They can make siddharth win but #Asim and #RashamiDasai are the real winners of the show. #asim #sana and #rashmi fans. Boycott #BigBoss13. Stop watching it so that the trps come down and makers kno the value of real fans. Thats the right way!! Keep supporting them on social media.

TV actor Kishwer Merchantt tweeted, “It’s sad how Siddharth blamed shehnaaz for talking about Arti and him .. something that was said Masti mien , he made it a Mudda in front of Salman sir .. agar Bura Laga tha tab bolta na Sana Ko .. what happened then ? #bigboss13 #BB13. Caller Ko Sid ne ghar ke andar se ghoos khilayi kya .. Uski reputation sudharne ke liye #BB13.”

In series of tweets, film critic Sumit Kadel wrote, SHOCKED. Stay strong asim.. this is pure humiliation .. Biased is a small statement.. Unbelievable.. #BiggBoss13 Again fixed caller of week to fix Shukla image & malign Asim, sana.. this is so predictable now.. Shame on Makers.. My goodness #BiggBoss13 Acc to @BiggBoss & @ColorsTV there are no fans of #Asim , not even once any caller of the week had to say positive & motivaing stuffs about him. we saw minimum 10 times caller was arranged to clean shukla image, #BiggBoss13 is the biggest fixed & scripted reality show ever. 👎🏻

Sumit Kadel added, You trend many things ,all fan clubs should unite & trend #ScriptedBiggBoss13 . Thats how you can make a difference.. makers have decided to make Siddhart shukla winner of #biggboss13 , they’ll cross every limit to slander other contestants image just to make shukla look good. Why & how #biggboss13 is completely scripted ? Watch and share at max . #ScriptedBiggBoss13

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