Bigg Boss 13 last caller also fixed to malign Asim Riaz; Video of caller’s chat leaked and creating a buzz

With just a week away from the grand finale of Bigg Boss 13, viewers say that the last caller was also fixed to malign Asim Riaz. The Video featuring the caller’s chat was leaked and is creating a buzz on social media.

Bigg Boss season 13 has been the most controversial in the history of this reality TV show. Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz have created headlines most of the time, but almost wrong reasons. Many viewers have expressed their disappointment over the behaviour of Sid and the makers of the show for not taking against him.

It is also speculated that the producers of Bigg Boss 13 are biased about Asim Riaz and they have always favoured Siddharth Shukla. The show was scripted and the makers have fixed everything including the caller of the week to malign the image of Asim. Some viewers even threaten to stop watching the show.

Bigg Boss 13 is set to have its grand finale next weekend and top five contestants are in the final race. This week had the last caller of this season. Like every week, Asim got the call and he was accused of using Shehnaz for himself. But Asim said that he likes Shehnaz and he isn’t using her. The caller accused Asim of backbiting Shehnaz and Sidharth, and he defended himself.

The last caller of Bigg Boss 13 has angered the fans of Asim Riaz, who say that the person is a fixed caller from the producers’ office only. Many fans shared a video featuring the caller’s chat and condemned the bosses of the show. The clip is creating ripples on social media.

Here is what viewers of Bigg Boss 13 have to say about last caller of this season.

Sumit kadel @SumitkadeI

The last caller of the week was also fixed to malgin #Asim ,he always responded to rigged COW & Media beautifully,never lost his cool & let negativity overpowers his game.. tremendous tolerance. Had been any other contestant,would have totally lost their temperament #BiggBoss13

Fatima🌟: #AsimSquad @tengg2005

🔴 #BB13 EXPOSED Caller of the week is a Shehnaz fan who wanted to ask a question to Shukkla but the makers forced her to ask the same question to #AsimRiaz since it was a negative question. #ColorsTV bias towards Shukkla exposed! Such a shame. @BollySpy @Spotboye @toitv

Garima Mehta @Garimam_19

Biased show k caller konsa real hga…wo bhi colors wale hi krte honge… #Asim n kbhi #Sana ko n bhadkya n apni side hone k liye force kia… #Sana khud dusri team k pass jaati thi… To #Asim kase glt hua

Hayat♥️Asim’s GF @sarah4asim

#Asim back bitches Shehnaz? When? Asim never back bitches anyone! He never used anyone for the game! If he supports any1 then he goes to any extent to save them! Donno which BB dat caller’s watching! BB apne biasness ka ek aur proof dete hue! Lol #StarBoyAsim #BeFairBiggBoss

Shining@Sayani @ShiningSayani2

Caller ye question rakki thi Shukla ke liye but makers forced her to ask it to #Asim.Makers even couldn’t think that Asim asked for an example.Baas, caller ko uss time pe 2 months back ka kuchh yaad aaya, bol diya!!! Kal hi ye sare leaked huya tha.

Karan @Karan22r22

My initial reaction wasCaller of the week seemed dumb instead of asking sidharth she asked #Asim that he used @shehnaazshine everybody knows Sidharth used her for game now it’s clear caller for asked to do so by makers @imrealasim @realumarriaz #AsimForTheWin

Asim Riaz Fan❤❤ @aaliya214

Caller: Asim aap #ShehnazGiII ki burai krte ho.. #Asim: Give me example… Caller: jab Sid bahar gya tha tb apne bolna tha ki Shehnaz Ka game weak ho gya… 2 Mahine purani baat aaj ho rahi hai… Wah🤐😤😠 @BiggBoss wah.. Slow 👏 #BiggBoss13 #BB13 #AsimForTheWin

Archana @archana_rawt

Seriously if they are playing with audience emotions by making #shukla win. Am sorry will never watch big boss n colour channel. We are not fool where you using new comers #Asim n #sana emotions just to make your script work.

Sana @SanaAfsal

The way Asim handled the planted caller was EPIC 👏🏾 Doesn’t b*tch abt Sidharth & Shehnaaz behind their back – it’s her who’s being used -she’s a friend Planted caller was speechless when Asim asked her “Aap mujhe bata do” – that explains it all 🤷🏽‍ ♀ #BiggBoss13 #BB13 #AsimRiaz

Varun_ @Varun_2546

Fake Caller got Exposed 2 days earlier on friday! It proves @ColorsTV and @BiggBoss makers planted a fake caller against Asim to show him a villain and shukla heroOnly #Asim deserves to win #BB13 Shukla exposing himself now! Copy paste this…

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