Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestant Pooja Ramachandran’s bikini photos with John Kokkan

Actress Pooja Ramachandran, who was one of the contestants on Bigg Boss Telugu 2, celebrated her 35th birthday with her husband John Kokkan at the Maldives. She shared her bikini photos with him.

While everyone was self-isolating due to Coronavirus, Pooja Ramachandran dared to go on a trip to the Maldives with her husband John Kokkan. The actress shared a series of photos on her Instagram page and she looks stunning and gorgeous in bikini with the green sea in the background. Some of her pics have gone viral with many of her followers circulating them on social media

Pooja Ramachandran captioned one of her pictures with “Getting all the sun I could without a worry in this world. ☀️These are the best kind of holidays. In the moment. A moment at a time! My personal handsome hot photographer @highonkokken with me to capture my many moods 😍😋 . . #beachholidays #mykindalife #sunshine #bikinilife #vacationmode #rejuvenated #sealife #aviatorgirls #thisbeautifulworld #onelifeitis #liveitlarge #vitamind #getthesunon . . Also hearing maybe corona can’t thrive in the heat so let’s get vitamin D as much as we can my peeps! 😊😊”

Pooja Ramachandran had several memorable moments during her Maldives trip. But her dream came true was swimming with turtles underwater. The VJ shared a video of this memorable moment on the Instagram page. She captioned it with the following comment:

My dream came true all thanks to you @highonkokken I have soooooooooo many memories from this trip and one of them definitely has to be this.. swipe right to see all the pictures. 5 of the 7 species of sea turtles 🐢 can be found in Maldives.. this particular one is called the #hawksbillturtle Hawksbills help maintain the health of coral reefs. As they remove prey such as sponges from the reef’s surface, they provide better access for reef fish to feed. Sadly, these are critically endangered as Hawksbills are particularly susceptible to entanglement in gillnets and accidental capture on fishing hooks. Sea turtles need to reach the surface to breathe, and therefore many drown once caught. Known as bycatch, this is a serious threat to hawksbill turtles. As fishing activity expands, this threat is more of a problem. . . #marinelife #hawksbillturtle #turtle #turtlesofinstagram #swimmingwithturtles #mostbeautifulexperience #life #underwater #underwaterworld

Pooja made her debut in Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi and later starred in many other films including Nanban and Nanbenda and a number of Malayalam and Telugu films. Pooja married VJ Craig in 2010 but divorced him in 2017 and later remarried John Kokkan in 2019. Her loving husband has posted an emotional bday wish on his SM page.

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