Ram Gopal Varma slams people on social media for trolling Karan Johar

“If you don’t watch it, they will throw me out of Bollywood. I have no Godfather. I have made you all my gods and fathers. Watch it if you want to see me survive in Bollywood,” wrote in a reply to late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

This has led to a debate on insider vs outsider. Comments from the actor on how he was removed from movies and wasn’t invited to parties have fuelled the question of nepotism in the Bollywood industry. People have been divided all over the world. Some have even gone to such an extent of filing a case against directors and producers for conspiring against Sushant Singh Rajput.

All this is fuelled by the social media debate on various platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Director Ram Gopal Varma has responded to the discussion of insider vs outsider using his twitter handle.

Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “Blaming @karanjohar for what happened is ridiculous and just shows a lack of understanding of how the film industry works. Even assuming Karan had a problem with Sushant it’s his choice of who he wants to work with, as its any filmmakers choice about who they want to work with.”

RGV said that Sushant had been in the industry for 12 years and had earned money and fame which still made him feel like an outsider then the deaths of hundreds of actors should be justified who couldn’t reach anywhere near his stature. He enforced that if you aren’t happy with what you have, you will never be happy at all.

RGV took the side of his colleague Karan Johar stating that they are where they are because of their hard work and the work they provide to the people in the industry and millions of people see his movies. He also said that many directors wanted to work with him and he refused them then why are those directors being questioned which refused to work with him.

RGV acknowledged that Bollywood could be a hard place and people want quick fame and money; he added that Sushant reached heights whereas other people couldn’t even from the film families so are they also supposed to kill themselves? He has raised valid concerns and has been the voice of many people Sushant’s new movie was to be released in May but was postponed because of the virus, and he was yet to begin work on another film.

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