Cancellation of the Indian Premier League could cost Indian Cricket a fortune

Worldwide countries are facing some or the other crisis now and then due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus which is expeditiously spreading throughout the world. Various countries have experienced immense sufferings with their economic breakdowns, countless deaths and much more.

Due to the outbreak of this malignant coronavirus, a lot of functionalities in various countries have been brought to a halt. All the sports tournaments, product launches, movie releases have been delayed owing to the COVID 19 pandemic. 

The most celebrated T 20 tournament in India, the Indian Premier League, had been postponed owing to the novel coronavirus triggered nationwide lockdown. It has been months since the outbreak of this noxious corona virus but there have been no signs of the threat being neutralised. Hence, the richest T 20 tournament of the world has been now under consideration of being cancelled.

The India Premier League, which was scheduled to be starting on the 29th of March this year, is on the verge of being cancelled owing to the present circumstances of this pandemic. However, it has been anticipated that if the Indian Premier League gets cancelled then it will cost the Indian cricket quite a fortune. Cancellation of this most celebrated T 20 cricket league in India would come down as a huge financial hit. 

“Scrapping the money spinning Indian Premier League this year because of the coronavirus pandemic would cost half a billion dollars, but cutting players’ pay has not yet been considered.”, said a top official.

The world’s richest tournament, which is contested by eight teams representing eight different cities of India, is experiencing the first wipe out in its history of 12 years after the originally scheduled date of 29th of March kept on being postponed repeatedly.

“The BCCI is looking at a big revenue loss. In case the IPL does not take place, the loss would be close to 40 billion rupees ($530 million), or even more.”, said Arun Dhumal, the Board of Control for Cricket in India treasurer.

“We are not sure whether we will be able to have it this year.”, admitted Arun Dhumal.  

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