China is sending out a message to global investors to stop shifting base to India by intimidating us: Sanjay Jha

Congress leader Sanjay Jha said that China is sending out a message to global investors to stay-off any plans to shift manufacturing base to India by appearing to intimidate and threaten our country.

Post the coronavirus outbreak, some foreign countries have started isolating China and announced to shift their manufacturing bases to India. Amidst this, China has got in to a clash with India over its border issue and created sense of third world war situation the global market. The India-China border face-off has fueled several speculation about Chinese conspiracy theories.

When the tension rose on the border issue, India initiated Commander level talks with China to end the clash. Both the countries reached an agreement on de-escalation and disengagement along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). But the Chinese side opted for a pre-meditated and planned action, which resulted in violence and casualties. This development created a lot of tension in India with many condemning it.

Sanjay Jha took to his Twitter account to talk about it on June 17 and urged all parties to stand united. He tweeted, “This is a time for great mature political consensus within India in responding to China’s dangerous aggression. I don’t care if Mr Modi made several outrageous rhetorical comments against our Congress/UPA government in the past. We must rise. Let’s be different. Let’s be one.”

Later, Sanjay Jha alleged that it is Chinese strategy to keep the global investors away from Indian. The Congress leader wrote, “Please don’t forget that by appearing to intimidate and threaten India, China is sending out a message to global investors to stay-off any plans to shift manufacturing base to our country as well. It is a well-considered strategy.”

Little did Sanjay Jha know about his demotion in his own party, when he tweeted about China. Congress supreme Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday removed him as a party spokesperson for writing an article criticising the party to a newspaper. She appointed Abhishek Dutt and Sadhna Bharti as national media panelists for the Congress.

Many people were upset with his removal as the spokesperson of the Congress. A netizen on Twitter wrote, “I think Sanjay Jha was most trolled spokesperson or panellist on Twitter. After 2012 we all made so any jokes on him. But he always defended congress with same aggression & passion. Today congress fired & humiliated him for giving some decent suggestions? That’s Congress.”

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