China Must Inform “Raw Facts,” says the Indian-American lawyer and survivor of COVID-19

China Must Inform “Raw Facts,” says the Indian-American lawyer and survivor of COVID-19

New York recorded more than 4,150 deaths, the worst in the U.S. which is more than China, from where it all began last year in November-December.

A prominent Indian-American lawyer and COVID-19 survivor urge China to tell the world the “real facts” of the deadly pathogen just so scientists and doctors can discover the antidote, claiming no one can go out unless there is a vaccine available.

New York is known as the US coronavirus epicenter. About 1.2 lakh people have been tested positive for COVID-19 by Sunday.

I wish mankind could survive this disappointingly pleasant coronavirus. I expect China to tell everyone — the real truth — so that scientists and doctors from all nations, not just our hero

Dr. Anthony Fauci, can use ‘open source’ data to find a vaccine as soon as possible, “said New York-based lawyer Ravi Batra, who recently recovered from COVID-19, which killed almost 70,000 people worldwide.

His wife Ranju and daughter Angela, along with him, tested positive. “No one goes out to work, play or go to school until a vaccine is available. The economy, national, regional and global that we knew is gone, it’s not coming back,” he told PTI.

A New Yorker, the center of the global enterprise, Batra now has reservations in its current configuration about the continuity of globalization.

“We’re going to see global supply chains become local. Ricardo’s” Comparative Advantage “theory is dead in these pandemic days. Our ventilators have parts manufactured all over the world. That’s going to change. We’re going to make our fans and N95 masks in good ole USA.

“Export-based markets will cringe. Globalization is the OBOR for disease outbreaks, and that for reasons of public health, too, must be disrupted,” he said.

“Determining the brave new world after coronavirus is whipped, let honor and modesty, not greed and pride, even as our casualties will be big during this near-Biblical war with Mother Nature,” Batra said.

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