The confirmed cases of coronavirus on Thursday rose to 73 with a significant spike in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra cases. Though Maharashtra has 11 cases, ten from Uttar Pradesh have been recorded. As all the visas were suspended with few exceptions, the central government limited the entry to India. The new provisional amendments will affect those who want to fly to India except diplomats, UN or foreign staff, staff or projects.

Incoming passengers, including Indians, should stop non-essential travel and are advised that a total of 14 days will be quarantined upon arrival. Indian people were also urged to stop flying overseas, said the health ministry. They should be quarantined for at least 14 days on their departure. External land border traffic should be limited to approved checkpoints with comprehensive screening installations.

When coronavirus infections in India rapidly escalated and declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the government has revoked all visas to India. In total, 67 people have been diagnosed in India, including several Italian visitors. All current visas— aside from diplomas, employees, UN / IOCs, jobs and mission visas— are revoked by the Ministry of Health of the European Union until April 15. The statement released late Wednesday night after the meeting of a Group of Ministers led by health minister Dr Harshvardhan read “This will take effect from GMT 1200 on March 13, 2020, at the port of departure.” Visa services were closed in part

Free visa travel issued to the citizens of the country overseas was also suspended until April 15.

In one of the more troubling news for a growing economy, the change is projected to affect the travel, hotel and air industries.

The Ministry of Health reports that India has 73 reported cases of the virus.

The number of experiments carried out is expected to rise over the next few days.

The consultation released on Wednesday night states that the new limitations that take place Friday and are amended again within a month shall only apply to international, government, employment and projects visas.


The biggest concern is now that if’ mega spreader’ cases emerge, the condition could degenerate very easily. Super spreaders (human transporters) are sick individuals, as is believed in the first wave of Chinese outbreaks, who pass the disease to other others in the group.

“The Ministry of (Health) is on alert, and we shall respond immediately, if necessary. When India wants to get guidance, we are in communication with the WHO. We will take professional advice from you, “said the top official of the health ministry, who did not want to be called.

While the outbreak of this virus has also been identified in three Asian nations, China, Japan and Thailand, the US embassy in Beijing has warned Americans in China that “there must be no interaction between animals, ill persons and that they should wash their hands regularly.”

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