COVID-19: Google thanks the food service workers with an animated Doodle

Search engine giant Google is known for its quirky animations that highlight important days, current affairs, significant happens, and incredible persons through its labelGoogle Doodle.

On Thursday, Google dedicated its Google Doodle slot to thank the food service workers who are relentlessly working amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic. “To all food service workers, thank you,” is the message displayed in today’s Google Doodle as we hover over the special icon in the search engine site. Today’s Google Doodle also features an animated heart emoticon, that sends out the message of love and expresses gratitude to all the people involved in the food services.Today’s Google Doodle is part of last week’s series of recognition paid by Google to the first responders at the forefront of the COVID-19.

People across the country are advised to stay inside their respective homes and not step out to avoid contact with the highly contagious coronavirus. Doctors, nurses, police officers, government officials, essentials items delivery people are standing at the forefront to serve the people of the country. Today’s Google Doodle highlights the extraordinary service of the food service workers, who are also among the other professionals who are at the forefront of serving people across the country.

The government has made it mandatory for the citizens stepping out of their houses to wear a double-layered face mask to avoid coming in contact with the virus. Amid the chaos and tension caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the food service workers are a few among the many brave hearts who are disguised as workers to serve the people during the pandemic.

Google Doodle is involved in a series of animated illustrations that highlight and thank the services of various professionals and service members who are serving the patients an people at this challenging time around the world.

The novel coronavirus outbreak has affected over 2,102,320 patients around the world. The COVID-19 has caused over 136,116 loss of lives in the world. A total of 525,435 patients from all over the world have recovered from the coronavirus.

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