COVID-19 Impact: Over 2,00,000 H-1B workers in US lose legal status by June

According to the Washington DC Immigration Policy Analyst, Of the 250,000 guest workers in the United States awaiting a green card, 200,000 are H-1B employees who could lose the legal status by the end of June.

Layoffs in US due to the coronavirus outbreak which has an opposite effect on companies that threaten holders of H1-B visas, who may run the risk of losing their status.

Approximately 250,000 visitor workers attempting to access an inexperienced card in the U.S., with 200,000 of them on H-1B visas, may probably lose the citizenship status by June finishing, Jeremy Neufeld, an immigration coverage analyst with Washington DC-based guess Niskanen Middle tank instructed Bloomberg.

In addition, rankings of additional folks, who aren’t looking for resident status, may also be required to return home, Neufeld added.

Those working in the technology sector are issued nearly three-quarters of H-1B visas, the report said.

Millions of Americans also lost their jobs in the last two months, but visa employees are more vulnerable than native-born employees.

Minimizing their salaries or make them work from home breaches the conditions of visas. Terminated H-1B employees have some choice to find another job, move to a different visa or return to their country, like 60-days. Since they are in a mess, as they can not even renew their visas during much of the COVID-19 crisis.

Bloomberg cited Doug Rand, who worked on technology and immigration policy, as saying: “The visa crisis is creating a human and economic catastrophe. H-1B employees also have families who are also dependent on their employment for permission to remain in the country, including children that may have spent their entire lives in the US. This is nothing but a mess.

In a letter sent to the departments of State and Homeland Security on April 17, they demanded expiry dates of at least September 10 for a deferment in the work authorization. Trump administration has yet to respond. It has consistently taken a serious-line position on immigration problems and foreign-born jobs.

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