COVID-19: Local men attack two doctors in Andhra Pradesh’s Vijayawada

The violence against doctors and healthcare frontline workers has surged after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

On Friday, twoseparate incidents of attack on doctors were reported in the city of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Two practicing doctors were allegedly attacked by local men in different areas of the townwhen they were returning home after completing their duty.

The first incident took place when a practicing doctor was returning home from the hospital in his car. The offenders tried to attack the doctor. However, the doctor managedto escape the attack.

The second incident of attack was made by a group of four men who were in a drunken state. The offenders allegedly assaulted a junior doctor who was returning home in his bike. The police have registered a case against these assaults made on healthcare professionals in Vijayawada.

Talking about the attack on doctors, a police official from Vijayawada said, “The miscreants first attacked a junior doctor returning home in his car. He, however, managed to drive away with some damage to his car. But, soon after another junior doctor, who was on his bike, was stopped by the drunk men. They also torched his two-wheeler and fled from the spot.”

The police have now registered a case against the accused men,and a probe is in the process. The police are attempting to identify the accused men based on CCTV footage available in the area of the offence.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) had earlier demanded the Central governmentto bring in a new law that protects doctors and other healthcare staff amid a steep rise in the incidents of violence against medical personnel who are working to fight novel coronavirus.

Referring to such violent attacks made by the public on the doctors and other healthcare workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the IMA has stated that “That doesn’t mean our patience is endless. Abuse, violence, spitting, the pelting of stones, denial of entry to societies, and residential accommodation have been tolerated so far since we expected the governments to do their normal duty.”

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