COVID-19: Spain, Italy and France record lowest death since lockdown

Spain, Italy and France, which are the worst affected countries by the coronavirus, only after the United States, have recorded the lowest death rates for the week, as they begin to ease lockdown restrictions.

The lockdown restrictions have been eased in Spain, which is severely affected by the coronavirus. The government of Spain has allowed adults to exercise outdoors for the first time in seven weeks. The lockdown restrictions are recently eased for children below14 years of age. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said masks will be made compulsory from Monday for people commuting by public transport. Small businesses such as hairdressers are allowed to be open for individual customer appointments.

Spain recorded a death toll of 164, which is the lowest in the past 45 days.
Italy also recorded the lowest death toll of 174 cases, which is the lowest in the past 60 days. The number of new cases reported has also significantly fallen. The Italy government allows people to exercise outdoors and visit relatives within their region on maintaining a physical distance. Permission to meet friends is not granted.

Schools, cinema halls and many shops remain closed. Italy plans to open bars and restaurants with dining in facilities in June. Italy’s death toll stands at 28,884, second only to the US where more than 68,000 people have died due to the coronavirus.

France has reported 135 deaths, which is the lowest since late March. France government only recorded deaths occurred in the hospital. Anyhow, the number of deaths in home cares have also significantly declined in the past several days.

Meanwhile, a French doctor in the Paris region had told the local media that coronavirus was present in France in the country last year, a month before the first case of coronavirus was confirmed. Dr. Yves Cohen claims that new tests on samples from patients show the virus was present in the country last year, on December 27, 2019.

All over the world, over 3.51 million patients have been tested positive to COVID-19. Over 2,47,000 patients have lost their lives due to the virus.

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