COVID-19: Two Karnataka Ministers violate quarantine protocol

Four Karnataka Ministers were ordered to put themselves under home quarantine after they came in contact with a cameraman of a regional news channel who was later reported to be a coronavirus patient.

The Karnataka Ministers were asked to remain inside their homes during their quarantine period and advised not to come in contact with any other individual. However, two Ministers from the state violated the order of isolating themselves inside their homes.

Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka,Ashwathnarayan, Minister of Tourism – CT Ravi, Minister of Medical Education – Sudhakar, and Home minister Basavaraj Bommaiwere asked to isolate themselves by maintaining the home quarantine protocol after coming in contact with a coronavirus positive patient. The four Karnataka Ministers underwent the COVID-19 test, and the results were negative. However, as a precautionary measure, the Ministers were asked to remain inside their homes as part of the quarantine protocol.

In the COVID-19 contact tracing map issued by BBMP, it was found that the cameraman also interviewed the Minister of Housing Department, V. Somanna.

As per the COVID-19 protocol, even if a person is tested negative to the virus, they should isolate themselves and remain in home quarantine for a minimum period of 14 days, after coming in contact with any positive COVID-19 patient. This protocol exists to ensure that any potential ‘virus carrying’person is denied in coming in contact with other individuals.

Minister of Medical Education Sudhakar and the Minister of Housing Department V. Somanna, on Wednesday,violated the protocols of the COVID-19 infection management and resumed their usual routine. Minister Sudhakar had also visited the Mandya district in Karnataka instead of self-isolation in quarantine.

The Congress Party hit out at the government of Karnataka for not abiding by the protocol. The Congress party also said, “This is a protocol violation. This government is not serious about fighting the coronavirus.”

Health Minister Sriramulu responded, “I will inform my colleagues that they will have to be in home quarantine as they are primary contacts. I didn’t know they are out. Only after you told me, I got to know. I shall speak to them immediately.”

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