Deepika Padukone reveals her love for raw mangoes

Due to the lockdown because of Coronavirus, everyone has been using this quarantine period by sending some time with their family and loved ones. This includes celebs too as all the movie shootings have been shut and all of them are back at home now. The celebs have also been keeping themselves busy be it cooking, cleaning, reading, baking, learning to play an instrument or even working out at home. Now one person who’s been making news because of her skills is Deepika Padukone!

Deepika Padukone is currently spending time at home with beau Ranveer Singh in their Mumbai house. From cleaning to cooking to organizing, Deepika is indulging in different activities to keep herself busy.  She has also been the perfect wife as Ranvir has been actively sharing her kitchen adventures and also the fact that he’s super happy to be in lockdown with her The happiness is mostly because Deepika has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen during the lockdown and is making everyone drool with the stories of her delicious cooking. From cooking Thai meal to Pasta and Chicken to baking cakes Deepika has proved to us all that she’s a chef! 

Recently, Deepika shared a picture of cut raw mangoes topped with some salt and chili powder.  It’s almost summer now and if you’re a mango lover you know how yummy raw mangoes can be and tempting too! Sharing the photo of the raw mango pieces, Deepika wrote, “You’re simply the best, better than all the rest Better than anyone, anyone I ever met…(drooling emoji)” Well, this clearly proves that Deepika is a mango lover like all of us. Wish we could also take a bite though! What do you think? Are you also a mango fan? Let us know in the comments below.

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