Deepika Padukone teaches us a lesson on self-love with her ‘gearing up for the weekend’ selfie

The lockdown since March has had us stuck inside our houses for the longest time possible. Everyone’s been trying to keep themselves busy by doing the things they love be it a new hobby ie cooking delicious dishes, reading, painting, reading poems, or even making TikTok videos! Now amongst keeping ourselves busy all these days with work and doing fun activities, one must also make sure to take a break and take some time off for some self-love. 

Bollywood celeb Deepika is one actress who is known for ruling millions of hearts across the world. The diva has impressed the audience with her impressive choice of films, impeccable acting chops and stunning looks. Besides, she also emerged as a social media queen as each of her posts leave us wanting for more. Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has been taking time off and doing the things she loves. This can be witnessed through her social media posts starting from cooking delicious meals for her and Ranveer, doing her skincare routine, wardrobe cleaning, gardening, making yummy desserts, eating mangoes to sipping her favorite coffee.

Now her recent Instagram post has been about her weekend plans as she indulged in some self-love. Deepika shared a selfie of herself wearing a face mask and is clearly giving us major skincare and chill vibe on the weekend! She was seen donning a white t-shirt and had her hair tied in a high bun. She captioned the picture as, “Gearing up for the weekend… #selfie #selflove #selfcare.” It is important to make sure one takes some time off for themselves especially during this lockdown just like Deepika. What’s does your ideal weekend look like during the pandemic? Are you pampering yourself like Deepika too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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