Delhi State Govt to give Rs 5,000 to construction workers hit by Covid-19 lockdown says Arvind Kejriwal

Due to the Coronavirus Delhi’s lockdown has made the daily wage earners overnight unemployed the construction workers

On Tuesday, the Delhi government to give Rs 5000 to construction workers announced by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal whose livelihood affected by the coronavirus lockdowns.

Addressing to a news conference in the evening, in the last 40 hours no new cases of coronavirus were registered in Delhi and there is also decreased from 30 to 23 of a number of patients infected earlier with the coronavirus.

“We don’t want the poor to suffer. We all should offer help to those in distress,” He told reporters it was.

A panel of five doctors has been set up to formulate a plan to resolve the situation as he said If Delhi falls into stage 3 of the coronavirus pandemic after an all-out attempt to curb it.

He said the panel was asked to come forward with its report within 24 hours.

In these tough times, he called upon the people to support one another.

Kejriwal has also taken note of reports of misconduct of doctors who claimed to be discriminated against in treating the Covid-19 patients.

“On the request of the Prime Minister we clapped for our doctors, nurses, pilots, air hostesses and others who are in forefront of the fight against coronavirus. But now I hear that landlords are evicting tenants like nurses claiming that they work among coronavirus patients. I have also heard that pilots and air hostesses are not being allowed to enter their housing societies. This is completely wrong,” he said.

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