Dharmendra’s throwback picture: Pillow fight with his son Sunny Deol

It is a flashback that the actor-politician Sunny Deol remembers his flashback story with his father in this lockdown period.  He is remembering his childhood and he has also shared his childhood picture where they both are doing pillow fight. He has uploaded that image in her social media account, and he has also given the caption that he and his sister was doing pillow fight with his father, Dharmendra.

This is a flashback of his life. The actor Sunny and Bobby both are the brothers and son of Dharmendra and his first wife, Prakash Kaur. This couple also has two daughters name Ajeeta and Vijeta.

In 1979 this actor Dharmendra again got married to Hema Malini, and he got two daughters called Esha Deol and Ahana Deol. This famous 84-year-old actor shared the 18-second video on Twitter where it is showing that he is sitting on the tractor, and it was a single-handedly furrowing on the ground. This actor is doing quarantining on his farm. This actor has put the caption for asking his fans, how you are? This is a very small field where he ploughs and ground up; like this, he does his exercise. He also said that he does not do any exercise extra.

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