Did Aishwarya Rai work on Amitabh’s short film?

Big B recently shared a short video on Instagram in a most dramatic way. That short film has released recently, and that is so nice that everyone is talking about on social media. That small movie has released by the name of ‘Family’. There are many other actors who has participated in this video, like Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Diljit Dosanjh, Priyanka Chopra, and others from the entertainment industry.

In this film the actor, Aishwarya did not do anything, but credit has been giving to her. Amitabh was searching for his shade, and one of her family members has given that to him. In movie, Priyanka was giving him glasses, but actually, that was Aishwarya’s hand who pose like Priyanka. This information got leaked in one interview.

He has also said that some hand model he needs for the film where he added that is Priyanka Chopra’s hand, but that was Aishwarya’s hand. He also told actors to shot their part by themselves. That time only Rajnikanth’s daughter Soundarya also shot her role.

Prasoon Pandey appreciated everybody though no camera operator was there to help the starts, but they made it so nicely. Though they are not together, they directed a short film, and everything was done inside the house by closing the door. Like this, they have also maintained the social distance.

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