Donald J Trump releases data of total COVID-19 tests in US to trash Democrats and fake media claims

US President Donald J Trump has released the data of total COVID-19 tests in America and attack Democrat leaders some media houses saying that they are doing everything possible to hurt and disparage the country.

Donald J Trump tweeted a graph of total COVID-19 in America and other countries and captioned it with, “For the constant criticism from the Do Nothing Democrats and their Fake News partners, here is the newest chart on our great testing “miracle” compared to other countries. Dems and LameStream Media should be proud of the USA, instead of always ripping us down!”

The graph offers a glimpse at the top seven countries, which have conducted the COVID-19 tests. This is taken from the website Our World in Data as per which the US is topping the chart with a total of over seven million COVID-19 tests conducted between February 20 and May 4. As per this graph, none of other six countries have crossed the limit of three million COVID-19 tests.

Donald J Trump claimed that his government has succeed in big way in its fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic, when other counties of the world. But some Democrats leaders and Fake News Lamestream Media are busy tarnishing the image of the country. They are enemies of the counry.

The US President tweeted, “The Do Nothing Democrats and their leader, the Fake News Lamestream Media, are doing everything possible to hurt and disparage our Country. No matter what we do or say, no matter how big a win, they report that it was a loss, or not good enough. The Enemy of the People!”

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